Education time!

I think I was chatting with a few clients on all the types of services that I offered and one gal said “I didn’t know about that” tell me more. Well, it can go on for quit sometime when I start talking about something, I don’t stop! Well, that’s when I decided to sit down and give you all a brief summary of the newest treatments and services that I have been doing for over the past four or so years. I was introduced to Korean skin care! Which is tops in the Professional Services of Facial Care and home care products. I have been dabbling with different companies to try and see what fits best with my equipment and machines for all types of skin care, from pigmentation, to glow facials.

I want to share some photos, and or little video clips of some of the fun treatments that I’ve been doing. It’s been a grand ride in this industry, and it never gets boring! I hope I can keep doing all these wonderful treatments to keep my clients looking the best. It is all about keeping your skin the healthiest and looking vibrant and smooth. I truly love what I do… so here we go!

Sculplla filler facial

Before 1st treatment April 10th

After 1st filler facial

Right after 1st treatment April 10th

Home care works for after- as these treatments can last up to 6 months looking luminous and firm!

Poly L Lactic Acid treatments or Sculplla Filler lift- this beauty is by far one of the fastest growing treatments in my studio. It consists of my own added technology with the serums prior to wrapping your face and neck with the poly wraps. I have developed my own way of doing this treatment which leaves your skin looking like velvet when completed. Sculplla is a safe, I can’t tell you enough about the Stem Cell Mist, Cavipilla, and Sculplla Repair Promotor Cream! You will truly be amazed with this beauty treatment. For all skin types, and plan on 90 min. with me, as I use my LED panel for 30 minutes alone! Right now this special treatment is only $275- and believe me that’s a bargain- Below is some of the wonderful ingredients in the Sculplla products.

some of the wonderful filler products! Ingredients below.

Active Ingredients

PLLA [Poly-L-Lactic Acid] – Bio-stimulatory dermal filler, which means it stimulates your own skin to produce new collagen. PLLA will reduce wrinkles, and helps to fill in hollow or sunken areas on the face. The effects of PLLA appear gradually over few months, producing natural results.

PGA of Plant Collagen [Natto Gum – NOT from Japan] – Plant collagen components [Polyglutamic Acid] produced from beans using enzyme fermentation. This helps with Cell Proliferation as biodegradable, non-toxic, non-immunogenic properties with exceptional hydration protection ability. The sticky substance is the PGA. PGA can also enhance the skin’s elasticity more than collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.


EGF [Epidermal Growth Factor] is a factor of the epidermis cell regeneration, which acts at the molecular and cellular level. EGF helps stimulating cell growth in tissues throughout the human body. Binding with the receptor EGFR, this protein increases the cell count and skin turnover while boosting the production of collagen and elastin resulting in reduced wrinkles and rejuvenated and improved skin texture.

FGF [Fibroblast Growth Factor] is a factor that activates the processes of growth and divisions of skin cells, provides antioxidant and detoxifying effect, stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, healing wounds, embryonic development, and angiogenesis. It also promotes the blood vessels development and collagen synthesis of the dermis.

Radio Frequency, Stimulates Collagen, and smooths surface

Radiofrequency provides heat that stimulates collagen production which has been found to help soften fine lines and deeper lines for smoother skin. Combined with my dermal infusion ( micro needling) clients have experienced phenomenal results.

Depending on the desired results, I would recommend three to six treatments within 4 weeks apart. Having a few treatments will give you a fair satisfaction overall.

Nano Channeling can be done with a special pen and cartridge for specific needs. Scars and deeper lines can be soften tremendously within a few treatments. There is the fibroblast pen that I use to open channels around the facial and neck area for corrective serums of choice to penetrate into the skin for optimum results. This is done for more sensitive skin, and for the gals that don’t want the feeling of the micro needles.

The Plasma Pen- or Fibro-blasting creates small micro-injuries around the wrinkle leaving small tiny scabs for about 10-14 days. This stimulates new healthy collagen and elastin around the wrinkle for a smoother affect and can last several years. This is extremely popular for the eleven lines between brows, and the outer area of the eyes to smooth lines. It has been called Botox without the injections. The cost of this procedure varies from area to area, and starts at $50 for skin tag removal- $1500 for neck lift, Eye lift can be achieved for tightening the skin above the lids. Numbing is done prior to any of the Fibroblast treatments. As with everything, the first time is always a consult type facial, as I’d like to see and feel your skin prior to any specialty treatments, as sometimes you may not be a candidate for some of these. My best judgement has always served in the best interest of my client, regardless, the out come is always going to be healthy, smooth, silky skin for everyone! Men, women, pre-teen.

Sept 2020,healing upper lip area, and pigmentation areas
One month later, after moisture treatment – healed
March 2021- after healed area had to wait to see her for a few months!
Right after the Fibroblast spray Nov 2020
Before we numbed the area.

It has been fun keeping up with the best technology and Skin Treatments available today!

As I continue to keep everyone up on the latest Facial Treatments, I will have all the sanitation needed to keep everyone comfortable during your procedures. Masks are still worn, and gloves are on hand to keep everyone safe. A new Studio, but the same facial treatments you are used too! I am scheduling a head of time, so let me know when you’d like to reserve your special time.

Appointments only, and you can reach me at 602-264-5915-if you have any questions about a special treatment, leave a message and I will return within 24 hours- or email any time- as always, until the next time,


Imagery Skin Care

Welcome February

Hello Everyone!

Well, now to look forward, and move on from here. Imagery has gone through many changes this past 2020, as the virus came with a vengeance it left us to slower days and loss of business. With that, I couldn’t let you down, so I have found a smaller – 1/2 the size little suite to continue doing what I love. And that is to continue to give you the best and safest way to do skin care and body work. Changes are continuing and we have to make the best of things, even when it tries to sabotage your every move. I will miss 110- but it’s time for another change in scenery.

I am looking forward to 2021, and our new location is  smaller and cozy- There is going to be an adjustment for everyone, and I will make sure everyone gets the routine down and appointments made. I will be scheduling one client in at a time, to make sure all the sanitation and rooms are ready for you when you enter. Wear comfortable clothing, as for now, changes into wraps are at a halt until further notice.  As before, your health and well being are my priority. I will continue to have a lot of the skin care for your home care as possible, but have decided to only carry what is the best and most effective solutions for continued home care. From Oxygen to Epicuren and Imagery’s Spa line- along with the many serums and Growth Factors, that I find so useful in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. Many of my companies are still drop shipping to your door, just tell me what you need, and I will call and order for you to have it shipped. I am working with Venmo, Paypal & Square. Of course the regular Checks and Visa will work too. Although I’d love to see you in person I understand we all want to be safe. I may be adding more companies as an Ambassador to many different Skin Care companies, as I investigate the work that has to be done. I am still offering the finest in technology and products to keep your skin healthy looking for years to come. 


1202 E. Maryland Ave Suite C1- Phoenix, AZ 85014- Two story building on the North East corner of 12th Street and Maryland. I am working on appointments only, days and times are limited to first come basis, so please let me know what works best so I can schedule your special treat.  email me:, or leave a phone message:

602-264-5915 even a text to give me some days and times you’d like to come in for your appointment.  I will answer within a day, as always I look forward to seeing each and everyone real soon. Be Safe, Be well.  Days and times are limited to first come basis, so please let me know what works best so I can schedule your special treat. 


Bye Bye 110!

Imagery Skin Care INC



Fall, Finally!

We finally arrived at some cooler times ahead. I am so much happier in the Fall- Leaves are changing and time for updating personal things, like refreshing facial treatments. With Covid-19, we couldn’t use our steamer in lieu of moisture in the air. Well, with all the people staying home my companies and I have been able to send any of your favorite products right to your door.

Drop shipping has continued through the Fall and probably for the new year! Epicuren has all of your favorite items, and FarmHouse Fresh- with all the body oils, and lotions that we all have come to love!

Perfect time to have Pumpkin at your fingertips! Continue at home with this soft peel once a week or 2x a month- $50.50 Code: IMAGERYSC at checkout if you’d like to shop around web-site! AND RECEIVE A FREE HAND CREAM- MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE ONE!

Now Circadia! Special times, means we have to take things a bit further! With any purchase of Circadia, you will receive a complimentary facial home care kit, Valued at $50 to continue the fresh look of fall. Moisturizer and special enzymes that will be gentle and effective. For $48 including the shipping to your door. Call me for details, as I will need your address to send your Facial kit.

Exfoliating beads gently exfoliate surface skin- Gentle enough to use everyday! $40

Circadia Vitamin Veil Cleansing oil- Remember Swich? This light cleansing oil is a sure favorite of many- Now is the time to book your SWich facial treatments as well. Fall, Finally.

This special formula is designed for day and night care- Advanced eye protection- Day and Night $100 for the two.
2-3 uses per Kit- As often as once a week!
Cavair Lime and Passion Fruit enzymes are gentle enough for you to use, with instructions and how to apply, you will

see the difference and especially feel the difference!  the StayCation Facial Kit come with the Caviar Lime & Passionfruit Mask as the exfoliation mask and the Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask as the finishing mask. 2-3 USES PER KIT- as per your application of mask.

602-264-5915– Make sure to leave me a detailed message and I can call you back ASAP!

Happy Fall- Remember it’s PUMPKIN TIME!

Denise – Imagery Skin care

1110 E. Missouri Ave. Suite 110

Happy September!

Hello Everyone,

September is finally here, and the heat is still on. With that being said I am looking forward to working full time again soon. With all the uncertainty in our town, and the world we must find some way to work through this chaos. The show must go on! So they say. So what ever happens next you will be one of the first to know!

That is why I am here today introducing to you a new addition to the Imagery Services. Brow Perming or Lamination. It is a new way to control Rogue Eyebrows and tame them so they look more uniform and even. Everyone has been asking me for some way to control those wild little hairs! Well, here we have it. Getting it done takes about an hour, and you can have brow tinting with it or alone.  Just the brow perm- $80.00 – NOW for limited time, 15% off through September! Introductory service that will last 6-8 weeks! What ever your wishes- Just mention when scheduling your appointment.

Together  with the tinting the service is $95 and I can post photos when I remember to take the after!! I seem to do the before, but not the after, so please remind me when you come in for any service, and I bring out the camera! Thank you all for trusting me with your treatments, and all the new protocols that I bring in. I can’t sit still and learning new things is my life’s work, as you know, I’ve been bringing in new facial treats since the virus! One is

DUOLIF – HIFU INTENSE Ultrasound that improves the appearance of Jowl and neck line. It’s been good so far, as I have a few ladies on the series of weekly lifts. Some want the whole face, others choose the jowl and neckline- Series is recommended.

There are so many options with any of the facial treatments that I offer. My Oxygen Serums, and Lifting gels work excellent and home care is a must, which I suggest using Epicuren’s Tighten up NECK FIRMING Cream for continued results.  $89                   

I am ready for the OXYGENATING SMORE FACIAL TREATMENT with Chocolate Enzyme and Intense Oxygen treatment with Marshmallow mask! OOH LA LA- so nice to brighten up after a long hot summer wearing a mask all day long! Sometimes our skin gets gray toned and lifeless when we don’t have enough Oxygen in our tissue. It’s time to put it all back- September here we go! Just ask for it when you call or email. This treat is 95 minutes and it is $185 includes the air brushing with OXYGEN SERUMS for the finale’. Excellent time to relax and rejuvenate for yourself.

Looking forward to a cooler and more productive September! or leave a message for me and I will call you back as soon as I am free- 602-264-5915


Up and Ready!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been at the very least a trying start to 2020! With all the news hype and Virus attacking many of our Americans and Europeans around the world, I am happy to say I am hoping the rest of the year will be a little smoother. I truly was taken back, and not sure where we were headed.

Closing the Studio for two and a half months was an extremely stressful time for Imagery, and myself as I didn’t know if I was to close permanently or how long I could go without touching faces again. Social Distancing? With that being said, I am not down any longer, I am up and ready to take a few appointments per week with masks on and gloved hands. Lots of changes I know, and somehow I feel it will all be okay. We will get through this trying time together, one day at a time. It’s up to you if you’d like to return, I know with the treatments, Social Distancing is challenging, so I will respect your wishes. My first question when I see you is what was the most important thing learned during that time in quarantine? For me, nothing can replace your loved ones, keep them close to your heart.

I want to thank those of you that kept me busy by shipping out the products you needed, and keeping up with your home skin care. As the weeks start up, I will be ordering more of your favorite products. Below is a new addition to my list of fun treatments!

Duolif- Series of weekly treatments recommended for lasting results!

Newest addition to Imagery! With all the time off, I have taken classes on line, and learned new methods of keeping your skin in the best possible condition without surgery. The Duolif is the answer to many of your needs, I have had so many ask what can you do to help my jawline and neck from falling? Well, it’s here! Duolif, and RF- Fusion Plasma, Both are different in their own way, depending on the skin type and what your needs are. Above photo describes what can be done with the Duolif. I am so excited, and can’t wait for all of you to try! Micro current is still one of my favorites, along with Dermal Infusion/Nano Needling , and the Plasma lift. All of these treatments plus the new additions coupled with great products for accumulative results. Ask me when you can get started and we will schedule you in this summer for Holiday Red Carpet Ready this Fall !

See you all very soon! Email, or leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP!


Slowly but Surely

Hello to my Dear Friends/Clients,

As the Governor of AZ says its time for Salons to reopen, unfortunately I am not in that category. I have gone to the studio to do final touches for you to be able to come in and feel safe. The industry and State Board keep saying everyone must wear a mask, and practice social distancing! Well, how can I do that when I am in your face! Well, I can’t say that I am very happy right now, being away this long is putting my shop in jeopardy, I realize this virus will be with us in waves, and we will all have to be careful on how we go about our daily lives. Please be assured that I will do everything possible to get up and running again as quickly as possible. Right now I don’t feel comfortable opening up completely. Here will be a few of my requests before appointments:

There will no longer be gown changes for facials- please wear the appropriate loose top or exercise gear that can be loosely moved. This will hopefully be temporary as I feel we will all be safer if I didn’t have to worry about extra sanitation & laundry. Facial & Waxing clients I will have sheets available to wrap you in. I will have my equipment wrapped and sanitized between each person, so please bear with me as I would like to be able to call your cell when you can enter the studio, I will no longer have a waiting area. One person will leave and one person will enter at all times. No children or others will be waiting, as I am practicing caution for their safety. If the door is locked, Ring the doorbell as in the past, and I will be able to open door when clear. I have decided to remove massage therapy.

 I am still concerned about the community, and will respect everyone coming in. I will be wearing face shields and a mask at all times. Gloves will be a given. I am sorry, as you know how I feel about gloves, and hopefully, this will not be our new normal. I await my new sanitation supplies for all of us, and have them available to you if needed.

I want to make your visit as calm and wonderful as possible, and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in a timely manner. I will be booking accordingly and my standing appointments, I will be contacting you for the next scheduled appointment. Please note, I will respect your decision as to come back in or wait a bit longer. I am also selling and shipping products, as I want you to stock up on all your supplies!

No one really has given us straight answers to how we begin our new “Normal”. especially in the Facial Spa area. There hasn’t been a confirmation in my industry that is is safe to do skin care. Until I get that confirmation, and the wave has dropped, I will return. As you are my main concern for health and safety guidelines. Until further notice.

Thank you all for being patient, and I am looking forward to seeing you all

very very soon!

Denise Nahat

I just took a two hour exam on Health and Safety for the SPA/SALON for infection control- PHEW- I passed, and it is a good reminder for me to keep all of us safe and protected.

Keeping in Touch

Dear Friends and Loyal Clients,

The health and safety of our guests is my top priority. And for that reason I am following the advice of our state and local government, as well as the CDC, and temporarily closing the doors.

While my door is closed, I am still here for you! Keep an eye out for future emails and social media posts. I promise to share information and resources to keep your beautiful skin healthy and radiant while at home. And if you run out of product, give the shop a call, (leave a message) or email me at, and I will ship it out to you right away. Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Epicuren, Oxygen Serums. Some of you may have skin care questions for me during this time, please feel free to ask, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I don’t know how long this closure will last, but be assured I will be back with longer days and longer hours to get you all back on track. I understand the frustration, you may have for the disruption of daily life, please understand in this situation I am choosing to do what is best for our community and around our lives. I plan to come back stronger and with new facial treatments to share with you! And continue on with my other services too!

Please keep in touch, and I will do the same, as I don’t know how long this pandemic is going to go on in our community. I am looking forward to some type of normal very soon. My business consists of face to face and touching, with Massage as well. Please know that I do not want this to affect anyone or have reason too. I didn’t want to leave any one out of my decision, so please forgive me if I omitted anyone, it was not intentional.

Wear gloves, or mask if needed. Please don’t trust that it couldn’t happen to any of us. I look forward to seeing each of you very soon, and I want to thank you and express how much I appreciate your continued support. I know you have choices, as a small business your loyalty and decision to support me and Imagery is invaluable. I thank everyone who has purchased products and future facial treatments. I will never forget your kindness during this time.

In the Best of Health,

Denise Nahat- Imagery Advanced Skin Care- 602.264.5915 Principal Esthetician, Hair Removal, Facial and Body Soundscapes, Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Softap brows and Eyeliner

Being Safe than Sorry

Hello Everyone,

I suppose it is time for me to write you all at once, that way if you have any questions I can be close by to answer the best I can.

This has been a very difficult time for me, as most of you know I rely strictly on my services at hand, and with this hysteria with the corona virus I have had to make a difficult decision as to stay open or close for a couple of weeks. I am so confused and torn on how to handle this, so it has been decided for me. As every day the news reports more cases and in AZ alone, the news reports more. I know you and you know me, if we don’t feel good we call and say I am not well, but with this, we don’t know who or what’s the carrier! So, with all kidding aside, It is our best interest if we postpone our appointments due to further notice. I have had a few clients cancel their April appointments as well. I will be attempting to phone each and everyone who is scheduled in the next few weeks. Please email me, or leave messages and I can call or email you as soon as I can. I will be stopping in the shop for phone checks and mailing out products if anyone needs anything. So don’t hesitate to ask. This is not something we should gamble with, I am concerned for everyone and their well being, and I know you all count on me for your needs and just our time together. It has meant so much to me that many of you insist on coming in when the world is in a crisis. Thank you! We will work this out, and I will do my best to be on hand as long as you need me to catch up with our scheduled times!

Use Common Sense and do what’s best for you, your family and friends. I want to see you all in the near future.

Be safe, and be in touch as I will do the same.

God Bless us and Everyone.

Denise Nahat Imagey Skin Care – 602-264-5915

Spectacular Holiday’s Starting NOW!

I have been learning a lot this year! Started off with SofTap Permanent Makeup- Conference in San Francisco this past year. Met some wonderful ladies (with me , Alexis the founder of SofTap), in the industry and looking forward to doing more of my craft. Going on 7 years with Permanent Brows and Eyeliner that lasts up to two or more years- Refresher needed to keep retention of color.

Beautiful Auburn brows completes this look!

Below, previous brows six years ago! After retouch right after below, She will need a retouch in a month to finish the look. Afterwards, her soft brows will settle for the complete after look.

To extend THIS HOLIDAY SEASON ! I am offering 10% off all skin care, and 20% off all lipsticks, blushers, and Cosmetics! While supply lasts- Through Dec 21st- the close-outs are 25%-50% off- Need a reason to come to Imagery? Gift Certificates Available too!

Have you tried our Silk Cocoons by Mary Schook?
They are remarkable little things! Soak in water for a few minutes and rub across your skin for magic! Removes left over makeup and leaves your skin brighter, hydrated, and feeling fresh! Box of 10- great for stocking suffers this Christmas! $19.95
Be safe, happy and healthy this holiday and Enjoy ! Until next time,

Fun times ahead!

Goodbye June! Hello HEAT! We have certainly had a wonderful Spring, and now looking forward to getting the summer months long under way. It’s getting hotter, and you know how I stress out about everyone using their Sun Screens. I have a full range of Coola Sun Care products,  face and body SPF along with Sprays! And my favorite Epicuren Zinc Oxide.

I’ve been busy going to classes and learning new techniques throughout the beginning of the year, and now is the time to express my gratitude for everyone who has volunteered to be a model or try something new! That is trusting your Esthetician!

Along with learning more about permanent makeup I’ve been really busy doing lots of brows and eyeliners. It has been an exciting journey for my career, I’ve learned so much in this past year, as I say you can never stop learning! Along with Facials and Makeup- there is the Plamere Fibroblast Pen, used to lift brows, remove unwanted pigment, and skin tag removal. Also flatten scar tissue or stretch marks. Tighten anything and everything face and body. It speeds up collagen formation, and as we age changes in collagen and elasticity start to gravitate in a different direction, There is about 7-10 days of down time for the face area, so I can do small areas now during summer, but I will not do more as our weather changes so does my plans for skin treatments. Watch for photos on FB or Instagram for my before and afters. Now don’t get too excited as my photography days are gone, and learning to take crisp clear photos is a challenge with my phone as  I still have to master. But you can see the difference in my photos. (smile) I just ordered a new light for photography!

This August I am traveling again for a CBD summit, and going to learn all about CBD in the skin care world, health care and everything to know about this new craze! It’s not going away, and I believe since I’ve been doing CBD infusions for ACNE it has changed how we look at skin care! So, naturally I want to know all I can about the future of my business with CBD. I have used some creams for my back pain, and have to say at least I can move better! Who knows I might be on to something. Stay tuned and I will let you know when I return. Have a great summer, and I am here and there, so make sure you call before coming out. Summer hours are shorter, and appointments are first come! Thanks everyone for continued support!

Keep smiling!